Consistency is King…

How do people recognise your business? How do they grow to know it, try it, like it, recommend it to others and keep coming back? Great products and services that meet their needs are, of course, vital – as is quality, service and meeting (or exceeding) their expectations. But how do people recognise your business when they see it online from a tweet, post or advert or click through to your website? Hear it on the radio or see it on TV? Or in a magazine or newspaper? What about as they pass your shop, see one of your vans or packaging or meet one of your team at an event, show or on the job?

This is where consistency of image – what you portray, how it’s portrayed through your logo, colours, images, design and tone and content of message as well as its consistency, are vital to help people recognise you as they encounter your business on the wide variety of platforms and to increase their engagement with your business – and their loyalty.

So – how do you achieve this?  First, you need to think about what your brand stands for: what makes it unique and what the USPs (unique selling points) are as well as its personality (e.g. playful and fun or serious and measured? Masculine or feminine?  Cold or warm? Expert/professional or friendly?). Do you ‘help families have fun! ‘ like Raring2go! or are you more ‘Quarterly Review’?

Then you need to look at your visual collateral – is your logo, colours, graphics and look and feel the same on ALL of your materials? Do your outside signage, your website, your packaging  and your Twitter page all belong together and convey the same feeling and message? Are all the images and photographs you have chosen of a similar feel or style (and of high quality!)? Is your strap/tag line consistent as well as the design style?

People are bombarded by thousands and thousands of messages every minute of every day. By keeping your business’s marketing, advertising and PR consistent, recognisable and clear you will cut through the clutter more effectively, and achieve greater recognition of who you are, what you stand for and why your target market should engage with your business.

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